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If you’re considering using for your market advertising, you’ve come to the right place. In this review, I’ll be outlining the advantages and disadvantages of using this tool to help you make an informed decision. offers a variety of features that can streamline and improve your advertising process, but it’s important to be aware of any potential drawbacks before committing to using the software. By the end of this review, you’ll have a clear understanding of what can do for you and whether it’s the right fit for your advertising needs. Review Generate ad creatives that help you sell more. Fast. Review

Designing ad creatives for your market can be a time-consuming and costly task, whether you choose to do it yourself or hire professionals. To alleviate this, using AI tools can aid in the design or generation of ad creatives, both for banners and text. Investing in quality AI tools can ultimately save time and money in the long run. is an AI-powered software that specializes in the creation of ad creatives, such as banners and text. Utilizing a high-quality AI model, the software is able to generate professional-looking ad creatives quickly and efficiently. With the ability to design and generate ad banners and copies for various ad platforms and resolutions in just minutes, is a convenient tool for streamlining the ad creative process. Review: Software Overview

LaunchedNovember, 2021
NicheSoftware/AI Ad Creatives Generator
Main FeatureIt Generates Professional Ad Creatives, Both Banners, and Copies
PriceStarts From $29/m
SupportEffective Response
Refund or Trial7 Days Free Trial
Official SiteVisit Here

In this review article, I have conducted thorough research on the software and have outlined all of its features and advantages. To provide a quick overview, I have also listed the pros and cons of at the beginning of the article. By reading these, you can decide whether to continue reading the detailed review or not. This way, you can have a general idea of the software’s strengths and weaknesses before delving deeper into the specifics. Pros and Cons List


  • It generates quality ad creatives in minutes.
  • It detects your logo colors automatically and designs your creatives based on your brand colors.
  • It generates copies for ad campaigns.
  • It can integrate with Facebook and Google ad accounts.
  • It gives you an idea of which is the best by scoring 1 to 100.
  • It can integrate with Google Analytics.
  • It gives you creative insight that helps to know which performs well.
  • Straightforward dashboard: it’s friendly for all levels.
  • Many advertisers work with
  • They have great customer service and support.
  • After you spend $500 on Google ads, It gives you free $500 ad credit.
  • It has a 7-day free trial. You can cancel anytime.


  • It’s expensive for small business owners.
  • For now, It can integrate only with Facebook and Google ads accounts.

What Is

As previously stated, is an AI-supported tool that aims to turn your top prospects into customers. As companies and businesses grow, it can be challenging to maintain connections with clients and produce effective advertisements. was developed to address this issue, by simplifying the process of designing and researching ad creatives. Since its launch, the software has been successful in creating highly effective advertisements. The main goal and advantage of is to streamline the process and get back to the basics. With this tool, designing and launching an advertising campaign will no longer require days or weeks of waiting, and can be done efficiently and effectively using your ideas and inputs.

How Does Work?

As you now understand,’s main purpose is to simplify the process of creating banner and text ad creatives. In the next step, I will walk you through the step-by-step process of using the tool. As a way to test out the website and see how it works, offers a 7-day free trial package, which you can access by following the link I will provide after the guide. This way, you can try out the website without any risk. Free Trial Review

Using is user-friendly and requires no prior expertise or experience. The dashboard is designed to be sleek and easy to navigate. The software offers a detailed tutorial, which guides users through the A-Z process of using The tutorial includes a comprehensive walkthrough of the tool’s features and capabilities.

The process of creating ad creatives with is simple, it starts with selecting the type of ad creative you want to create, whether it’s a banner or text ad. Then you can select the platform and resolution you want to create the ad for. Once you’ve made your selections, you’ll be taken to the design interface where you can input your own ideas and inputs. The software will then generate a professional-looking ad creative for you.’s main goal is to simplify the process of creating ad creatives and save you time and money. With its easy-to-use interface, it can design and generate ad banners and copies in minutes for almost any ad platform and resolution you like. Additionally, the software provides you with a great way to test it’s capabilities with a 7-day free trial package. This way you can see if is the right fit for your advertising needs before committing to a subscription. Main Features

I have written this review with the intention of providing a clear and detailed understanding of To give you a quick overview, I have listed the main features of the tool and explained how they can assist you in creating and managing your ad creatives. The goal of this review is to ensure that you have a comprehensive understanding of’s capabilities and how it can benefit your advertising efforts.

Friendly and Sleek Dashboard

One aspect of that stands out to me is the design of the dashboard. It is sleek and visually pleasing, with a clear layout and attractive color scheme. The website as a whole is well-designed, making it easy for new users to navigate and utilize the software effectively, even without prior experience. Overall,’s website is sleek, visually appealing, and user-friendly.

Ad Platform Integration can be integrated with two ad platforms, Facebook ads and Google ads. This allows users to connect their existing ad accounts to the software through their dashboard. For those who do not yet have an ad account, provides the option to create one directly through the platform. Ad Accounts Integration Review

Creating a Google ad account through has the added benefit of receiving ad credit. This integration feature allows you to easily manage and create ads for these platforms and take advantage of the benefits of these platforms.

Generating Creatives

The primary function of is to generate ad creatives using information provided by the user as input. The software utilizes a well-trained AI model to produce these ad creatives, ensuring high-quality and professional-looking designs. The attractive and professional design of the ad creatives generated by is likely to increase the conversion and click-through rate (CTR) of ad campaigns. 

Generating Ad Copies

While primarily focuses on banner ad designing, it also has the capability to generate copies for ad campaigns. There are other AI copywriting tools available on the market, but they can often produce low-quality copies. In comparison, offers higher quality results than other solutions I have tested in the past. It’s worth noting that even though the software utilizes AI in generating copies, it’s always good practice to have human support to review and edit the copies generated by the software.

Millions Copyright-Free Stock Images has formed a partnership with iStock by Getty Images to enhance the visual appeal of its ad creatives. Getty Images is a leading provider of visual content with a vast collection of over 486 million assets, including a diverse range of content solutions. The partnership allows users to access this library of high-quality images to enhance their ad creatives. As images play a crucial role in banner advertisements, having access to millions of graphic assets enables users to quickly and easily create visually stunning ad creatives with the help of AI.

Scoring Creatives Quality differentiates itself from other AI creative generator tools in a number of ways, one of which is its ability to assign scores to final ad creative designs. The software uses its extensive experience in generating ad creatives to assign scores between 1-100, indicating how likely a design is to increase conversions. This allows users to easily identify and select the most effective designs, and optimize the performance of their ad campaigns.

Creative Insights provides a feature that allows users to track the performance of their ad campaigns after connecting their ad accounts, generating creatives, and running the campaigns. The software analyzes data and provides a list of ad creatives ranked from one to ten, indicating which ads are performing well. This feature is incredibly useful as it enables you to replicate the best-performing ad creatives, which can lead to an increase in conversion rate and click-through rate (CTR) of your ad campaigns.

Google Analytics Integration offers a feature that allows users to monitor the performance of their ad campaigns after connecting their ad accounts, generating creatives, and launching the campaigns. The software uses data analysis to generate a list of ad creatives ranked from one to ten, which shows which ads are performing well. This feature is extremely beneficial as it allows users to replicate the most successful ad creatives, leading to an increase in the conversion rate and click-through rate (CTR) of their ad campaigns.

Color Picker Extension (Free) offers a free Google extension called “Color Picker” that offers a unique and useful feature. The extension allows users to scan and obtain hex codes of any color they come across on websites. This can be useful when needing to match a specific color for ad creatives or other designs. Color Picker Extension Review

Additionally, the extension is able to scan CSS and provide users with all color codes found on a website, allowing for easy selection and usage of colors for their designs. Overall, Color Picker by is a useful tool for anyone who needs to find and use specific colors for their designs.

Free $500 Google Ads Credit has an effective partnership with Google that offers great benefits to users. By going to the Google Ad Account section of the dashboard and creating an Ad account, users can receive $500 in free ad credit from Google once they have spent $500 on their ad campaigns. This means that if you spend $500, Google will match that amount, effectively giving you $1,000 to spend on your ad campaigns without having to pay out of your own pocket. This partnership is a great way to help users save money on their ad campaigns and get more value for their investment. Pricing offers two main pricing plans, the first being the “Startup” plan. This plan is designed for individuals and small business owners who have a limited budget for their marketing efforts. It is a cost-effective solution that provides users with the necessary features to run successful ad campaigns. Pricing Review

The second plan is called the “Professional” plan. This plan is intended for agencies, companies, and individual advertisers who have a larger budget for their market advertising. It offers more advanced features and higher limits than the Startup plan, and is suitable for users who want to take their advertising efforts to the next level. The detailed information and prices of the plans can be found in the table below. Pricing Review

Startups Plan Pricing

Price per Month$29$59$99$149
Price Per Year$290$590$990$1490
Number of Credits102550100
Number of Brand1222
Number of User1224

Professionals Plan Pricing

Price per Month$189$249$399Custom
Price Per Year$1890$2490$3990Custom
Number of Credits100200500Unlimited
Number of Brand51020Unlimited
Number of User51015Unlimited

Why We Need Quality Banner Ads?

It’s important to take a moment to consider the benefits of high-quality banner ads, as there are several options available for advertising. Advertising methods such as billboards, flyers, email marketing, and banner advertising each have their own unique benefits.

When it comes to banner advertising, one of the major benefits is the potential for prime placement. This type of promotion can be highly advantageous for companies, as it allows them to reach a large audience in an effective and visually appealing way.

So, what exactly is banner advertising and how does it work? Simply put, banner advertising, also known as display ads, are a digital form of a billboard that utilizes visuals to grab attention. The purpose of these advertisements is to attract attention and drive traffic to a website. A well-designed banner ad should capture the viewer’s interest and make them curious about the product being advertised. These ads are often brightly colored and engaging, and communicate through visuals rather than text.

Who Needs

Banner ad automation can be incredibly beneficial for any business, regardless of location. Studies have shown that companies that use creative automation are four times more likely to see results from their marketing efforts.

One of the biggest advantages of is that it is user-friendly and easy to learn. There is no steep learning curve to get started. For example, on, users can create high-converting ads in a matter of minutes by following simple steps. All that is required is to submit visuals and text, and will handle the rest of the process. The software makes it easy to create professional-looking ads without any prior design experience.

Why We Need

The reason we need high-quality advertisement creatives is because it is increasingly difficult to attract quality customers or website visitors. As advertisers, it is essential to have professional and visually appealing content and ad creatives to be successful. offers a solution for those who do not have expertise in designing ad creatives. It generates professional and well-designed ad creatives for various ad platforms. It may be more expensive than other ad creative generation tools, but the quality of the ad creatives is superior. If you want to ensure success in your advertising efforts, is a great option to consider.

What People Say About

I have gathered reviews of from reputable websites and have included screenshots for your reference. To gain a better understanding of how people perceive and their ratings of the software, you can take a look at these reviews. more reviews here. Reviews Review Reviews Review Reviews Review Reviews and Rating Review Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is has a free trial?

Yes, it has a 7-day free trial. If you’re interested in the software but not sure to purchase you can test the website with a risk-free trial package

How can I get a free $500 Google ads credit from

To get free $500 Google ads credit first, you have to register in and then create your google ad account through your dashboard. They give you free credit but only if you spend $500 first.

What is credit in

Each creative you save to your PC for use in your campaigns is worth one credit. Depending on the plan you choose, you will get 10, 100, or an unlimited amount of credits that renew monthly.

Is it necessary to link ad accounts in order to use

No! can provide you with more individualized creatives and scoring if your ad accounts are connected to your brands, but it’s not necessary. scores creatives based on what?

It’s already generated thousands of creatives for many advertisers, so the tool has experience and data to know which can convert well and which is not. Based on previous experience, it gives scores for creatives.

Conclusion and Final Words

In conclusion, is a powerful and user-friendly tool that can help businesses of all sizes create professional and high-converting ad creatives. Its AI-based technology and integration with Getty Images, as well as its partnerships with Google and other ad platforms, makes it a unique and valuable tool for any marketer. The software also offers 7 days free trial package, allowing users to test the tool before making a purchase. As a result, it is a great tool for those looking to streamline their advertising efforts and increase conversions. Overall, I highly recommend giving a try if you’re in need of a quality ad creative generator tool. If you have any further questions or thoughts on, please leave them in the comments section below.

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